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u can still be thug as hell even if you cry everyday right


when u stand up 2 fast n suddenly ur floatin thru space n time



The next time a man starts yelling at you, cut him off and tell him you just can’t talk to him when he’s being so emotional.

I have done this and can confirm that is a LOT of fun to watch them implode afterward.

"Please don’t expect me to always be good and kind and loving. There are times when I will be cold and thoughtless and hard to understand."
- Sylvia Plath (via feellng)


are u in love with me? no?? *slides u a chocolate pudding* how about now?

"In a relationship, your identity should not be in the bargain. The moment you find that you’re making decisions based on your man’s preferences and interests is the moment you need to take a step back. Have some me time. Imagine you’re single and ask yourself if you’d come to the same conclusions on things. If not, try to really figure out what your goals and dreams are without your partner in the picture. He might have a fear of heights while you’re an adrenaline junkie — but that’s okay."
"Music is a safe kind of high."
-Jimi Hendrix   (via patriciaflamboyant)
"I don’t want you to promise me forever. please, don’t even say either of those words.
I just want to know that today you will love me as much as I love you
and tomorrow you will still let me try to convince you to love me for another day."
-(via everyonedies)


meeting someone with the same music taste is seriously the best thing ever